Alexandra Gaubert
University Lecturer


Surname / Name: Alexandra GAUBERT, PharmD, PhD, Associate Professor


LinkedIn: /alexandra-gaubert-0674b8b2/

Researchgate: /Alexandra_Gaubert


Career history. Alexandra Gaubert received her Master Degree and her PharmD in analytical chemistry from the University of Bordeaux, France in 2010. She worked as research engineer on paediatric formulation stability at University of Bordeaux in the EA 4575. She made her PhD in analytical chemistry in University of Lyon from 2012 to 2015. During this time, she also taught pharmaceutical technology to pharmacy students at University of Lyon. In 2015, she was assigned as ATER in pharmaceutical technology in University of Bordeaux. Her research project was based on nanoemulsion characterization in ChemBioPharm group, INSERM U1212 CNRS UMR5320. In 2016, she was appointed as associate professor at the University of Bordeaux in analytical chemistry for the teaching part and in ChemBioPharm group for the research part.


Master degree in “Analytical chemistry applied to health products and drugs”, 2010, Bordeaux University, France

PharmD. in analytical chemistry, 2010, Bordeaux University, France

PhD. in analytical chemistry, spectroscopy and chemometrics, 2015, Lyon University, France


Research. Alexandra Gaubert is Associate Professor at the University of Bordeaux, UFR of Pharmaceutical Sciences. She is member of ChemBioPharm group, INSERM U1212 CNRS UMR 5320, in Bordeaux since 2016. Her area of research is to study the physico-chemical properties of new hydrogels based on Low Molecular Weight Hydrogelators (LMWH). These new hydrogels are formulated to obtain new drug delivery systems and are characterized by rheological, DSC, TEM experiments. Drug delivery system efficiency is evaluated by spectroscopic techniques essentially.


5 Recent Publications

  1. “Preformulation studies of ceftriaxone for pediatric non-parenteral administration as an alternative to existing injectable formulations” T. Kauss, M. Marchivie, T. Phoeung, A. Gaubert, A. Désiré, G. Tonelli, C. Boyer, M-H Langlois, A. Cartwright, M. Gomes, N. White, K. Gaudin, Eur J Pharm Sci 104 (2017) 382-392
  2. “Carbamate-based bolaamphiphile as low-molecular-weight hydrogelators” L. Latxague, A. Gaubert, D. Maleville, J. Baillet, M.A. Ramin, P. Barthélémy, Gels (2016) 2, 25
  3. “Analysis of enzymes in laundry detergents by mass spectrometry: Overcoming matrix complexity using protein precipitation” A. Gaubert, J. Jeudy, B. Rougemont, C. Bordes, J. Lemoine, H. Casabianca, A. Salvador, Anal. and Bioanal. Chem. (2016) DOI 10.1007/s00216-016-9550-8
  4. “Characterization of surfactant complex mixtures using Raman spectroscopy and signal extraction methods: Application to laundry detergent deformulation” A. Gaubert, Y. Clement, A. Bonhommé, B. Burger, D. Jouan-Rimbaud Bouveresse, D. Rutledge, H. Casabianca, P. Lantéri, C. Bordes, Analytica Chimica Acta 915 (2016) 36-48
  5. “Determination of surfactants bio-sourced origin by Isotope-Ratio Mass Spectrometry” A. Gaubert, P. Jame, C. Bordes, S. Guibert, M. Batteau, A. Anchisi, P. Lantéri, H. Casabianca, Rapid Communication in mass spectrometry 30 (2016) 1108-1114


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