Director Philippe Barthélémy

The ChemBioPharm team involves scientists at the double interface Chemistry / Biology / Pharmacy. Our expertises and know-how in chemistry (nucleic acids, bioorganic, supramolecular, physico-chemistry), biopharmacy and pharmacotechnie, serve three different axes corresponding to well defined biomedical fields for therapeutic applications. A second group is working independently on analytical chemistry.

Permanent Members

Temporary Members

  • Barthélémy Philippe (Prof.)
  • Desvergnes Valérie (CR)
  • Gaubert Alexandra (MCU)
  • Gissot Arnaud (MCU)
  • Kauss Tina (MCU)
  • Vacher Gaelle (MCU)
  • Clémentine Aubry (MCU)
  • Guillaume Bougéon (MCU-PH)
  • Jeanne Leblond-Chain (CR) TAMS group
  • Laurent Azéma (MCU) TAMS group
  • Verget Julien (ITA)
  • Vialet Brune (ITA)
  • Aurore Baurepaire-Guedin (ITA) TAMS group
  • Aliès Bruno (MCU)
  • Ferey Ludivine (MCU) TAMS group
  • Thu Van Nguyen (ITA)
  • Haytem Abda (ATER)
  • Henri Barry (D)
  • Charline Dechamps (D)
  • Patricia Korzak (T)
  • Faith Kivunga (D)
  • Léa Mulot (T )
  • Sahil Sunil Mulewar (T)
  • Kevin Peyraud Vicre (D)
  • Lisa Scillia (D)
  • Virginie Baylot (C)
  • Amélie Laverze (M2)
  • Mohammad Ayman Moussa (M2)
  • Philippe-André Cleret (M2)
  • Timothy Cheung (M2)