Laurent Latxague
University Lecturer
Accreditation to Supervise Research



Current Position

Assistant Professor (Maître de Conférences, Hors Classe) – University of Bordeaux


ARNA : Régulation Naturelle et Artificielle – ChemBioPharm group

INSERM U1212 – Université de Bordeaux CNRS UMR 5320

Tél: (+33)557 571 384 / Fax (+33)557 571 015

laurent.latxague@ /


Working Experience

Since 2010 : INSERM U869 (became U1212 & UMR CNRS 5320 in 2016) RNA : Natural and Artificial Regulation, University of Bordeaux

2005-2010 : INSERM U577 Biomaterials and Tissue Repair (currently INSERM U1026), University Bordeaux Segalen

1993-2005 : Bio-Organic Chemistry Laboratory, University Bordeaux Segalen

1992 : Institut für Organishe Chemie, Hamburg (Germany), post-doc in Pr. Dr. J. Thiem’s lab



2003 : HDR (French accreditation to supervise research), University Bordeaux Segalen

1991 : PhD, Organic Chemistry, University Bordeaux 1


University Involvement

Elected member of the Scientific Council of the University Bordeaux Segalen (2001-2008 and 2009-2013)

Associate member of the Life Science Faculty Council of the University Bordeaux Segalen (2009-2013)

In charge of the Teaching Unit “Organic Synthesis and Production” TecSan Degree (Technologie de la Santé, L2-S4, since 2011)


Scientific Interests

Biodelivery, Amphiphilic Nucleosides, Nanostructured hydrogels


Academic Supervision

Undergraduates (>30) / Master degree (10) / Thesis co-direction (3), Thesis direction (2)


Major Communications


(Invited speaker) L. LATXAGUE, O. CHASSANDE

“Low Molecular Weight Gelators as versatile supramolecular scaffolds for stem cell culture and tissue engineering”

Invitation Luc Even, Ph. D, Exploratory Unit, SANOFI-AVENTIS, Chilly-Mazarin, France, October, 25, 2011



“Glycosyl-Nucleoside-Lipids (GNLs): Scaffolds for stem cell culture and tissue engineering”

Glyco Lipid European Network, 1st International Congress, November 16-17, 2010, Reims, France.


Most Recent Publications


Ramin, M. A.; Latxague, L.; Sindhu, K. R.; Chassande, O.; Barthélémy, P. Low molecular weight hydrogels derived from urea based-bolaamphiphiles as new injectable biomaterials. Biomaterials 2017, 145, 72-80.


Latxague, L.; Gaubert, A.; Maleville, D.; Baillet, J.; Ramin, M. A.; Barthélémy, P. Carbamate-Based Bolaamphiphiles as Low-Molecular-Weight Hydrogelators. Gels 2016, 2, 25.


Ramin, M. A.; Baillet, J.; Benizri, S.; Latxague, L.; Barthélémy, P. Uracile based glycosyl-nucleoside-lipids as low molecular weight organogelators. New. J. Chem. 2016, 40, 9903-9906.


Latxague, L., Ramin, M. A.; Appavoo, A.; Berto, P.; Maisani, M.; Ehret, O.; Chassande, O.; Barthélémy, P. Control of Stem-Cell Behavior by Fine Tuning the Supramolecular Assemblies of Low-Molecular-Weight Gelators. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2015, 54, 4517-4521.


Latxague, L.; Patwa, A.; Amigues, E.; Barthélémy, P. Glycosyl-Nucleolipids as New Bioinspired Amphiphiles. Molecules 2013, 18, 12241-12263.


Ziane, S.; Schlaubitz, S.; Miraux, S.; Patwa, A.; Lalande, C.; Bilem, I.; Lepreux, S.; Rousseau, B.; Le Meins, J.-F.; Latxague, L.; Barthélémy, P.; Chassande, O. A thermosensitive low molecular weight hydrogel as scaffold for Tissue engineering. Eur. Cell. Mater. 2012, 23, 147-160.


Latxague, L.; Dalila, M.-J.; Patwa, A.; Ziane, S.; Chassande, O.; Godeau, G.; Barthélémy, P. Glycoside Nucleoside Lipids (GNLs) : An intrusion into the glycolipids’ world ? C. R. Chim. 2012, 15, 29-36 (N° spécial glycolipides).


Latxague, L.; Ziane, S.; Chassande, O.; Patwa, A.; Dalila, M.-J.; Barthélémy, P. Glycosylated nucleoside lipid promote the liposome internalization in stem cells. Chem. Commun. 2011, 47,  12598-12600.




Barthélémy, P.; Ramin, M.; Latxague, L.; Appavoo, A.; Chassande, O. Erhret, C. Glycosylated nucleo bolaamphiphile as new LMWG for biomedical applications. EP14290302.0 (6 Oct 2014).


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