Marie-Hélène Langlois
PharmD, Associate Professor





Career history

Marie-Hélène Langlois received her PharmD from the University of Bordeaux II, France in 1985. She made her PhD in University of Bordeaux II from 1985 to 1988. During her PhD, she worked on molecular lipophilicity potential, concept introduced by Professor J.P. Dubost and developed in the UA 605. In 1991, she was appointed as Assistant Professor at the University of Bordeaux II. Before integrate ChemBioPharm team, her last research project in EA 4575 was based on HPLC method development and validation to assess ceftriaxone and its compatibility with common pharmaceutical ingredients and according to pharmaceutical processes.



PharmD. in analytical chemistry, 1985, Bordeaux II University, France

PhD. in analytical chemistry, 1988, Bordeaux II University, France



Marie-Hélène Langlois is Assistant Professor at the University of Bordeaux, UFR of Pharmaceutical Sciences. She is member of ChemBioPharm group, INSERM U1212 CNRS UMR 5320, in Bordeaux since 2016. Her area of research is the determination of physicochemical constants (ionization constant, partition coefficient) in order to explain at molecular level steps of absorption, transport and receptor binding. To enhance bioavailability and reduce degradation, some APIs can be associated with nucleolipids to form nanoparticles and to obtain new drug delivery systems. Such formulations could be evaluated for their drug content and their chemical stability using HPLC methods.


5 Publications

  1. “Preformulation studies of ceftriaxone for pediatric non-parenteral administration as an alternative to existing injectable formulations” T. Kauss, M. Marchivie, T. Phoeung, A. Gaubert, A. Désiré, G. Tonelli, C. Boyer, M-H. Langlois, A. Cartwright, M. Gomes, N. White, K. Gaudin, Eur J Pharm Sci 104 (2017) 382-392
  2. “Development of a solvent-free analytical method for paracetamol quantitative determination in Blood Brain Barrier in vitro model” M-H. Langlois, A. Vekris, C. Bousses, E. Mordelet, N. Buhannic, C. Séguard, P-O. Couraud, B.B. Weksler, K.G. Petry, K. Gaudin, J of Chrom B 988 (2015) 20-24
  3. “In vitro Ceftriaxone Stability at New-borns’ Rectal pH Assessed by UV and HPLC Methods” K. Gaudin, M-H. Langlois, T. Kauss, T. Phoeung, S. Arrachart, A-M. Demartini, F. Gaziello, E. Ashley, M. Gomes, N. White, Pharm Anal Acta (2015) 6:7
  4. “Stability of artesunate in pharmaceuticals solvents” K. Gaudin, M-H. Langlois, A. Barbaud, C. Boyer, P. Millet, F. Fawaz, J-P. Dubost, JPBA (2007) 43(3), 1019-1024
  5. “Protonation equilibrium and lipophilicity of moxifloxacin” M-H. Langlois, M. Montagut, J-P. Dubost, J. Grellet, M-C. Saux, JPBA (2005) 37(2), 389-393


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